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Web Development

Callme [active] 2018 - today

VoIP gateway build on Asterisk PBX which enable the communication of Hellenic Wireless Metropolitan Network members over the VoIP protocol. The Callme VoIP gateway provides a seamless integration with the AWMN VoIP gateway allowing in this instance the direct dial-out of AWMN VoIP numbers from registered Callme VoIP extensions. Live registry information of Callme VoIP extension numbers is also provided through out a dedicated front-end web portal of Callme VoIP gateway. 


[usage of: asterisk, bash-script, php, HTML, CSS]

ParkAssit [active] 2018 - today

Single page web-site hosting a set of snapshots taken on demand by an IP-camera following a predefined path of POIs. Easily accessible by a mobile device to assist someone to find an empty parking space on the road outside of his/her premises just by remotely taking a glimpse on the snap-shots taken. The application offers a full view with high resolution snapshots, and a quick view with compressed low-resolution snapshots (for reducing mobile internet costs).

[usage of: php, AJAX, HTML, CSS]

BGPmap [active] 2016 - today

Live visualisation of Hellenic Wireless Metropolitan Network active Back-Bone (BB) nodes on Google Maps based on BGP information. The Web-site offers information for every BB with respect to its position on map, the immediate inter-connecting neighbor nodes, and the assigned IP subset range(s). BB searching, visual traceroute functionality, smart drawing capabilities on map reflecting automatically the immediate neighbor nodes up to hop depth level two, and topographic information related to the coordinates, heading, elevation, distance and line of sight among two BB nodes/points on map are also provided. Network diagnostics information (such as BGP anomalies, Ghost nodes & prefixes etc.), and speed testing functionality are also offered. A geo-layer for Layar augmented reality is also supported. 

http://geolos.bgpmap.awmn        http://bgpmap.awmn 

[usage of: php, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS]

Domains [active] 2016 - today

List of Domain Names & Name Servers registered by the most active AWMN Community Back-Bone Nodes; reflecting also the Services (Web-site, FTP etc.) provided by each Domain Name.


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quickSearch [active] 2014 - today

Torrent search engine for files maintained by different AWMN Community torrent Web-sites.


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geolos [active] 2014 - today

Private Web-site listing the services provided to AWMN Community members.


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ReverseProxy [active] 2014 - today

Reverse proxy offering access to AWMN Community Web-sites from Internet. 

[usage of: HTML, CGI] 

AWMN Web-site (.awmn) can be accessed from Internet via a proxy:

Mobile Development

GeolosEC (Geolos Event Calendar) [closed] 2005 - 2016

Calendar application for Orthodox Greek Namedays, Greek Holidays, and Birthdays offering reminder support and Facebook integration. Application is compatible with the following platforms: 

  - Apple iOS [2010 - 2016]: v2.4 - available in IPA format (for jailbroken devices) 

  - Windows CE [2005-2007]: v2.15 - available in ZIP format 

  - Symbian UIQ [2005-2007]: v3.06 - available in SIS format 

See demonstration video (of iOS v2.3x release).

35.5k unique users in AppStore (for period: May 2010 - Jun. 2016). 

[usage of: Objective C, Java J2ME]

Microcontroller Development

Touch Interface for Washing Machine [active] 2017 - today

Touch interface for operating a Washing Machine supporting two washing programs - Basic and Eco; operating on Arduino Mega 2560. Display of the main washing steps along with their sub-activities (74 for the Basic program) on an LCD screen, and ability to pause and resume during washing. Scheduled washing, and automated (on user’s selection) capitalizing on residential electricity off-peak tariff is also supported.

See screenshot

[usage of: C]

Watering System [active] 2015 - today

Watering system accessible via web operating on Arduino Mega 2560. The application supports 3 configurable programs for 6 watering zones with programmable temperature and humidity sensors to direct watering according to the user’s needs. Ultrasonic sensor for measurement of water tank and NTP is also supported.

See screenshot.

[usage of: C, HTML, CSS]

Small-scale Train Control System [active] 2015 - today

Small-scale train control system accessible via web operating on Arduino Mega 2560 for the management of small-scaled trains on a mock; including control of train lines, train speeds, and mock lights. Touch interface in offered for mobile devices.

See screenshot

[usage of: C, HTML, CSS]

Application Development

Empire [closed] 1989 - 1995

Compatible with MS-DOS OS composed of five different applications integrated under a single environment offering: (i) a drawing application utilizing the keyboard for enabling the selection of up to 4 different colors, a drawing pixel-by-pixel, the creation of a circle/rectangle, a rubber-eraser, and the saving/loading of drawings; (ii) a training application for experimenting on basic mathematics; (iii) a telephone and address book application supporting CRUD operations and printing facilities of contacts on single or double A4 sticker-labels, (iv) a gaming application where a user having the control of a spaceship on the bottom of the screen tries to hit the UFOs that appear on the top of the screen; and (iv) an application visualizing a digital and analog clock on user’s screen displaying the current time and date.


[usage of: Turbo Basic, dbase]

eBook Editing & Digitalization

Το Γέρικο Τρένο [active] 2015 - today

Fairy tale eBook with drawings made by children of 3 to 7 years old.

Apple iTunes Store: 

Available in PDF format.

[usage of: iBook Author]

Μαγειρέματα [active] 2013 - today

Cooking eBook with over 450 pages of recipes on foods, salads, sweets, drinks, and home-made goodies (such as jams, dried tomatoes, medical creams etc.). Each recipe comes with an image, a description, the involved ingredients, the execution steps & timing, and the level of difficulty.

Apple iTunes Store:

Available in PDF format.

6.75k unique downloads (for period: Jul. 2013 - Dec. 2016).

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